JUNCTION SHOES | Tenant Build Out

The design for Junction Shoes seeks to highlight the shops carefully curated products, while enhancing the space with an elegant crafted feel. The goal for the display pieces is to provide a quality and continuity to the space that is flexible and can be used in a diverse manner as Junction Shoes’ wears change seasonally.

We designed and built the space with local and regional materials. The Claro walnut (a species of wood endemic to Northern California) curved counter and table were constructed from walnut that our own Dan Guyer procured and milled. The cedar slab bench wood and tree stump base came from and was milled on our property. We have a great affinity for the wood of our region and like to use it in our designs whenever possible.


TYPE: Commercial Tenant Build-out

LOCATION: San Anselmo, California

DATE: 2012

DESIGNER: Atmosphere Design Build

CUSTOM FURNITURE/ BUILD-OUT: Atmosphere Design Build

Photo credit: Kat Alves Photography