New Mexico

Nestled in a semi-rural neighborhood, at the base of low rolling juniper hills that stretch into the sage brush flat lands of Taos, the home seeks to make a modest statement. The brief for the project was: keep it simple. The clients, a solar electrician and an environmental lawyer, wanted a home that was energy efficient, easy to maintain, and that fit into the landscape in an unadorned manner - they wanted a design that sought economy of space and resources.  They also had the future in mind, both from an environmental stand point and for a design that had the flexibility to adapt to a growing family (the design allows for an addition to integrate into the existing building).

The house employs passive heating and cooling strategies, has a super insulated building envelope, and will eventually have a photovoltaic system that will bring the building’s energy use to “Net Zero”. A rain catchment and gray water system are planned into the design for water conservation in the desert climate. Finishes were chosen for low maintenance and durability: stained concrete floors, bamboo cabinets, and “RecycleTop” countertops are a few of the interior finishes.

Photography: Brennan Studio